Seminar Applied Artificial Intelligence


Selected topics from the field of socio-technical knowledge (see topics of the lecture Collaborative Intelligence). The seminar teaches the students how to write and present a scientific paper on a specific topic. Students are also introduced to doing a literature review of scientific papers. The final presentation is carried out in the form of a block event. More details will be given in the obligatory introductory meeting.


This seminar is offered to both Bachelor and Master students. Registration via OLAT is required for this seminar; the access code will be given in the introductory meeting. As we provide each student with a topic and a tutor, the number of seminar places is limited according to the number of topics available.


You can find all course materials, news and information in OLAT. The access code for the OLAT course will be given in the introductory meeting.


The seminars of all students take place as a block event at the end of the semester.

There will be a mandatory introductory online meeting via BigBlueButton (BBB), where the course organization and topics of the seminar will be presented, and the OLAT access code will be published:

During the lecture period, students will work on the topics. Discussions with their supervisor will take place individually. We offer a mandatory one-hour course about scientific writing and working with LaTeX.

The paper is to be written in English and should be of minimum length 10 pages (Bachelor: 8 pages) at the end. The presentations, which are also given in English, take place at the end of the semester and last about 25 minutes each (Bachelor: 20 minutes), including questions. Students should follow the provided mandatory LaTeX template for their seminar paper and an optional template for the presentation slides.


List of topics with a short description and the corresponding supervisor will be posted here latest before the introductory meeting on 17.10.2023.