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Bachelor-Seminar: Artificial Intelligence

Selected topics of AI:

  • Knowledge Representation (Frames, Ontologien etc.)
  • Neural Networks
  • (Fuzzy) Logic
  • Case-Based Reasoning
  • Intelligent Agents

More details can be found in KIS.


Registration via KIS is obligatory for this seminar. Applications can only be submitted there and must include the following documents: CV, transcript (bachelor) and a motivation letter (mandatorily prepared in LaTeX and submitted as PDF) why you want to do this seminar (max. 2 pages).

As we provide students with subjects as well as tutors, the number of seminar places is limited accordingly. In the kick-off event at the beginning of the semester, the seminar and the topics will be presented as well as the seminar places.


You can find all course materials in OLAT.

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