Workgroup for Knowledge-Based Systems

Project Artificial Intelligence

This project offers diverse topics from many different areas of AI for bachelor and master students.

Master students can apply for topics from different areas of AI offered by members of our group. Interested students may apply for one or more topics by solving a small initial task posed by the respective supervisor. These should take no longer than 1-2 hours to solve. This allows both applicant and supervisor to judge whether the applicant fulfills the requirements.

Bachelor students can also apply to these topics. Additionally, they can choose the classic project which consists of three smaller seperate tasks. Teams of two students analyze, practice, and implement procedures and methods of AI.

  1.  Implement a solver for kakuro puzzles as a constraint satisfaction problem.
  2.  Implement an AI for a turn-based, two-player strategy game.
  3.  Solve a complex optimization problem through either heuristic or machine learning methods.

All tasks offer some degrees of freedem for participants.

Details will be announced at the initial meeting.

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