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Website of the AG Knowledge-Based Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to solve problems by imitating human problem-solving behaviour. AI research therefore studies methods and techniques of perception, representation and processing of knowledge, as well as those of reasoning and acting. This research field is related to philosophy, psychology, linguistics and natural sciences. Together with the Smart Data & Knowledge Service Research Department at DFKI, we pursue the development of innovative technologies for the efficient management of data, information and knowledge. The vision is to provide knowledge at the right place and at the right point of time, and to intelligently support knowledge workers in decision-making.


Das Kickoff des KI Seminars findet am 03. Mai 2016 im DFKI statt... [more]

Klausur am 06. April 2016

Die Klausur findet morgen, den 06. April 2016, um 09:30 im 42 - 110 statt.
Heute ist die neue Webseite des Lehrstuhls "Wissensbasierte Systeme" online gegangen. [more]